Creating the Lux Spring 2017 Collection


For the Spring Collection 2017 I started with the inspiration of fresh, crisp fragrances like dew on a lily.

The color palette was inspired by French macaroons in delicate pastels. A better way of describing this might be a walk through my mother's garden seeing the lilies, roses and clematis take bloom.

Then I create the fragrance line and and the floral package design to go with each candle to capture the essence of each of the fragrances.

Last is production where each candle is hand poured over the hand made wicks.  The flower box candles are all hand crafted by artisans as well. They don't go out the door until every last detail is perfect.

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The candle boxes are each assembled with satin bows ready for the floral touches.

The actual candle is adorned with our signature gold Lux medallion.


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